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The Royal Horticultural Society.

Pollen and nectar provide the complete diet for both the adult bees and their larvae. Other insects, such as various flies and midges, beetles, wasps, thrips, bugs, butterflies and moths visit flowers to feed on pollen and nectar but may also have other dietary requirements, especially in their immature stages. Some predatory insects visit flowers to feed on other insects attracted to the blooms. All are capable of picking up pollen on their bodies and bringing about pollination when they move to other flowers of the same plant.

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Our Honey is Raw, light mesh filtered for removal of foreign bodies, un-pasteurised, unprocessed honey. Our Bees forage naturally in and around Bournville Village and whatever they produce, is what we sell you.

Bumblebee Conservation

Bee Walk… get involved!

BeeWalk is a national recording scheme to monitor the abundance of bumblebees across the UK.  The survey would be impossible without volunteers like you, who identify and count the bumblebees they see on an hour’s walk each month from March to October. It can be a very pleasant way to spend an hour or two on a sunny day.

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