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Bournville Beekeepers

Colin and Ian have been friends for nearly 30 years. Both where employees of Cadburys, and have had other associations with Bournville for longer than that. Colins' love of beekeeping started at and early age and he is a highly experienced beekeeper.

Early in 2011, Colin convinced Ian to take a closer look at his bees at his home Apiary. The fascination with bees for Ian started from that point. Colin and Ian currently rent a Birmingham City Council allotment in Bournville, and received permission to house some beehives at that location.

This has now escalated to a joint venture centred around “Apiary350”, on Bournville Village Trust head office, and the first colonies there arrived in June 2013. This was followed up by the Trust, who provided a second Apiary in 2014 . This is Rowheath. Colin and Ian of course produce Honey, but their main drive is more ecological.

2015 also saw us with an “Out Apiary” at Wythall, courtesy of Simon Beckett. This allows us to manage our bee movements in our urban apiaries.

Honey production has been poor over the last few years and has made this an expensive hobby for many beekeepers, hopefully the future production will improve and they can once again try to make this an affordable enjoyable hobby. We are selling our honey via our beautiful local Deli and Cafe Leverton & Halls

The creation of "Bournville Beekeepers" allows us to finance the hobby, and not keep referring to ourselves as Colin and Ian. We are a “Not for Profit” limited Company where all proceeds from sales are invested in kit, medication, food and housing for our urban bee colonies.

Ocasionally a swarm of honey bees will turn up in your garden, Bournville Beekeepers are always interested in saving these, and welcome contact if you want assistance. Use the Swarm button on the Contact page to contact your nearest Beekeeper.

We hope you can support us, and possibly spend some time with us at our apiaries on one of our Apiary Days.

Honey Bee

(Apis mellifera)

Bumble Bee




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